First Time for Everything

Surely you have heard the old saying, “there’s a first time for everything.” These past few days I have seen many firsts in my life. The COVID-19 virus has completely changed life as we know it both in the United States and around the World. Who, other than God, could have predicted that it would not be possible to sit down at a restaurant, any restaurant and have a meal, or to simply walk into the lobby of your bank and make a deposit? We’ve seen record stock market losses and staggering new unemployment claims. There is no Lysol, Purell, or Charmin to be found anywhere.

There have certainly been many firsts that I would rather not have been a part of. I must admit, not being able to shake hands at church the week before not being able to gather for regular church services at all was a huge shock to the system. On the surface it seems all bad, but is it? Perhaps all of this uncertainty and change may even be an opportunity to reach people that don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. I have seen people sharing different ways to adapt so that the Gospel is still proclaimed. From live streaming to ZOOM conferencing, churches are meeting in unique ways. Visits are taking place through windows and closed doors instead of in living rooms. I can’t help but think about the persecution of the Church we read about in the book of Acts, and while it was horrible, and there was great suffering, it also facilitated the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. I am saved today because the Gospel spread out of Jerusalem some 2000 years ago. Sometimes being forced out of the comfort zone is ultimately for our good. The suffering and hardships are real and as Christians we must do all we can to help our neighbors. Send an email, make a phone call, deliver supplies, and most importantly spend some additional time in prayer. While the struggles we are facing now are difficult, they are temporary. Eternity, however, has no end. This is why we must continue to share the Gospel despite and even because of our current circumstances. Please don’t forget to tithe and give to your local church as well as missions so that the Good News of Salvation can be shared worldwide during this time of uncertainty and need.

Pastors and churches all over the world are stepping outside of the box to do what needs to be done in service of the Lord. This week I am excited to share that Open Door Baptist is also stepping outside of the box. Because God is not confined to our church building, for the first time ever, we are having drive-in church. Simply pull into the parking lot and tune in to our low power radio frequency and listen from the comfort of your own vehicle. This way we can still meet and see one another while maintaining safe social distancing. If you live in the Harrison area and do not have a church home, I invite you to come visit us this week, just drive in. Perhaps you do have a church home but no services this week, you are welcome to drive in too! I can’t tell you that things won’t continue to change or that we won’t see many more firsts in the days and weeks to come but let’s not dwell on the changes. Instead, maybe we should dwell on the one constant in a world of chaos because no matter the circumstances, God is always on the throne. Hope to see you at 11 am this Sunday at Open Door Baptist Church 606 Cottonwood Rd. Harrison AR 72601. If you cannot make it, please be in prayer for our church service as well as all the other church services that will be different in the weeks and possibly months to come.