Identity Theft

Identity Theft In today‚Äôs world, we tend to look for our identity everywhere except where we should. We look to our careers, our social status, our financial wealth, our things and even our relationships. While there is nothing wrong with having a fulfilling career, being liked by your friends, accumulating wealth, or having a great … [Read more…]

Valentine Sucker

Valentine Sucker Do you remember being excited as a little kid about getting and giving Valentine cards at school? I do! I remember one year, I think 3rd grade, I chose Star Wars Valentine cards to give out to my class. I thought they were the coolest, most awesome cards in the world. I even … [Read more…]


Change? Well, the Super Bowl is over. The NFL has a new champion. Patrick Mahomes II is the new MVP. The game was great, the outcome up in the air until the very end when the Chiefs put it away. While the Super Bowl was exciting, it made me think of a few things. This … [Read more…]